FLEXA baby chair wins international design award

Working with Danish designer Hans Sandgren Jakobsen, FLEXA has created a stylish range of baby furniture with strong focus on function and aesthetics. The organic shape of the Baby High Chair has already attracted attention at the international level and the chair has received the prestigious red dot design award.

Danish children's furniture manufacturer FLEXA has received one of the most prestigious accolades in the world of design – the red dot design award – for its new and innovative Baby High Chair, designed by Hans Sandgren Jakobsen. The chair, which is part of the new FLEXA Baby Collection, beat the competition, a total of 4,662 submitted entries from 54 different countries, because it creates a strong visual impression while essentially maintaining optimum utility value. Like all the other items in the new FLEXA Baby Collection, which includes a Baby bed and a baby changing table, the High Chair is a prime example of Scandinavian design traditions, with equally strong focus on function as on aesthetics.

Aesthetics from a child's perspective

Hans Sandgren Jakobsen, who is renowned not only for his passion for wood but also for his light and airy design universe, creates furniture which first and foremost fulfils a need.

“My idea was to create a piece of furniture which optimises the meal situation. I focused on the ergonomics and freedom of movement, but my design also coordinates with contemporary Scandinavian interior design,” Hans Sandgren Jakobsen explains. His FLEXA Baby Chair has a unique design expression. And within seconds, you can adjust the height of the chair, move the foot plate, add a tray or remove reins as your child's needs change.

The Baby collection of furniture has been developed in close cooperation with the FLEXA product development team and a team of experts in fields ranging from child behaviour and education to ergonomics and sleep.

“The basic idea is that our products grow with the child – and this applies to everything in the collection. For example, the bed is designed so that the bed base is easy to raise and lower, which means that it can be used by the same child from infancy through to toddler age. By removing three of the vertical bars, an older child can climb in and out of bed without assistance,” explains FLEXA Design Manager Kristine Schmidt, who managed the design process.


FLEXA Baby Chair


With the new design concept, which perfectly matches Scandinavian style, FLEXA is completely redesigning its product range. Within the past nine months, FLEXA has developed and launched 52 new products.

“The red dot design award is immensely important as recognition of what we are doing. We are unbelievably proud and humble to receive it. That our Baby High Chair will receive the award simply confirms that our new design strategy is moving in precisely the right direction,” says Carsten Dan Madsen, CEO at FLEXA since 2012. 

The FLEXA Baby Collection will be launched in May 2013, and FLEXA hopes that consumers will approve of the products and that children across the globe will grow up with top-quality Danish furniture design.