FLEXA launches new furniture

In 2015 FLEXA will launch more than 100 new products and will reveal two new and innovative collections of children’s storage, new textile collections and a brand new click-on concept.

At the recent IMM Cologne exhibition FLEXA presented more than 100 new products including two new and innovative collections of children’s storage made from a child’s perspective with a modern and approachable appeal. FLEXA Shelfie and FLEXA Cabby were designed in collaboration with Danish Furniture Designer Morten Georgsen and are built to last for a lifetime. In addition to our new innovative storage systems, FLEXA will introduce two new textile collections and a brand new click-on concept this year.

FLEXA introduces two new children’s storage systems

FLEXA Cabby & FLEXA Shelfie

Shelfie is more than just a shelf

The new FLEXA Shelfie storage system is made from the finest pine wood combined with high quality MDF. The stout wooden poles and smooth rounded corners bring a cuteness and modern Scandinavian feel to the new children’s storage. The new FLEXA Shelfie system can be customized and rebuild over and over again to keep up with the changing needs of children.

Be creative with Cabby storage blocks

FLEXA Cabby is a modular children’s storage system made from free standing storage blocks that allows you to create the perfect solution for your child. You can build sideways or upwards, wherever the imagination takes you. FLEXA Cabby is made in high quality MDF with smooth rounded corners and small peek holes to awake the child’s curiosity.

Flexa Cabby and FLEXA Shelfie will be in selected stores summer 2015.

Introducing Forest & Graphic

FLEXA Forest & FLEXA Graphic

A playful forest textile theme to dress up your children’s room

Explore a forest full of friends and fun with the new FLEXA Forest textiles. The modern color palette used in this theme will light up any children’s room. The collection consists of 9 playful items, all non-allergic and Oeko-Tex certified that will guarantee many hours of fun. From morning till dawn our funky and colorful forest friends are ready to play and bring nature indoors. With the Forest collection you can create a magical and wonderful world for the small adventurous child. Arrange a picnic with your friends and favorite teddy bear. Hide in the secret cottage and listen to the birds singing and the animals playing around.

Go Graphic  – a new tween textile collection

At FLEXA we are big believers that personal style isn’t just confined to what’s in your closet. So, to help make the tween’s bedroom just as cool as their wardrobe, we have designed new FLEXA Graphic.

The new FLEXA Graphic textiles are designed by Danish textile designer Ditte Kjærslund and consist of a cool and edgy bed linen and matching bed cover - both with a two sided design. One with a strong graphical print and one plain. All Graphic textiles are Oeko-Tex certified.

FLEXA Forest and FLEXA Graphic will be in selected stores spring 2015.

An Innovative Click on collection - it’s all about fun and functionality


FLEXA Click on is a new modern and creative collection of smart accessories in white, which adds extra play value and functionality to any FLEXA bed. Click on consists of a tablet holder, blackboard, book shelf and mirror. Click on is modern Scandinavian design with rounded organic shapes and modern white. The Click on items are timeless and fit perfectly into both the young child’s room and into the world of a tween. You can attach all 4 Click on items to the bed and mirror, book shelf and blackboard can be mounted on the wall. 

Click on will be in selected stores Summer 2015.

Color and fun to any room

FLEXA Accessories

This year FLEXA introduces a series of new accessories items which will provide flexible solutions and create a playful environment in any room. Unlike most children’s furniture pieces that are only used through childhood, the FLEXA accessories items will continue to find a place throughout the home.

Let creativity move in with the new FLEXA Play side table – the latest edition to the FLEXA Play collection. It’s perfect as a bed side table in the child’s room or as a cool junior stool, coffee table or as an extra dining stool in the living room. We’re also introducing a bed rail for the FLEXA Play Bed -  making the FLEXA Play Bed extra safe

It’s time to show off with the new Show off book display - the essence of modern Scandinavian design made in collaboration with Danish designer Tina Schmidt. Display your child’s favorite books or use the book display in the living room as a cool magazine rack or in the kitchen to hold your favorite cook book.

The magnetic Show off metal shelf is cross functional and can be used to display all the little collectors’ items that children gather over time or as a funky shelf to display family photos, artwork or cook books.