FLEXA introduces new innovative children’s storage

At FLEXA we believe the children’s furniture should last a lifetime. Our new storage system FLEXA Shelfie is made with the growing child in mind and developed to meet children’s needs at different ages. FLEXA Shelfie is designed in collaboration with Danish Furniture Designer Morten Georgsen.

Shelfie Storage


Storage that grows with your child

Through in-depth research with Morten Georgsen, talks with parents, children and day cares, we have tried to understand how we can facilitate a functional and tidy children’s room with clever solutions to fit all needs for both child and parent. A small child can’t reach as high as a teenager, and our new storage is developed to meet children’s needs at different ages. FLEXA Shelfie is height-adjustable and customisable.


Hide and display!

We know that children love to display their personal belongings and collections. The modern open shelf system FLEXA Shelfie makes a perfect display for the child’s favorite toys, crafts or books. The great variety of boxes, drawers and cupboards makes it easy to keep a tidy, organized room and hide the mess away.


Morten Georgsen

"My idea with FLEXA Shelfie was to bring functionality into the child’s room.
Stow toys away in compartments and they are easy to find. This encourages
children to play and helps them to keep their room tidy."


Designed with the growing child in mind, FLEXA Shelfie is good design. The shelf system is made from the finest pine wood combined with high quality MDF and available in 4 wood colours. The Sturdy wooden poles and smooth rounded corners bring a cuteness and modern Scandinavian feel to the new children’s storage. The system can be customised and rebuilt countless times to meet the changing needs of your growing child.

When your teenager starts living by her/himself, FLEXA Shelfie will find its way into the office or living room. We call it long lasting design.

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