STUDY DESK - One desk for all ages

When young students do their homework, they are often tempted to lie down on the couch with their feet up and the books in their lap, but that is not the best way to work. In fact, the proper way is to sit with your back straight, keep your feet on the floor and the elbows on the table. Wishing to give children and older students the best working comfort, FLEXA has introduced a line of ergonomic study solutions designed for children of all ages. The latest addition is the adjustable desk called Study Desk.

Study desk different ages

A new and flexible desk

Children can draw, read, write, cut and paste at Study Desk, which is designed to support the learning and creativity of the individual child by adapting to the child’s preferred working posture. Thanks to its adjustable height and its tiltable table top, the desk minimizes static and seated work and enables physical movement and a more dynamic working environment.

Study Desk is designed to prevent strain on the back, neck and shoulders. If the table is too high, the child will raise his or her shoulders, which may cause pain in the back of the neck and the shoulders, and if the table is too low, the child will be sitting with a curved back, which can cause problems for the back and the back of the neck. With its height adjustment and tilting function, the Study Desk can be adjusted within an interval of 54 to 79 cm in height, and the table top can be tilted from 0 degrees to an angle of 45 degrees. This means that the table top can be adjusted to fit the individual child, while at the same time making it easier to vary the working posture.

Details FLEXA Study desk

The desk is safety approved, which means that the children cannot get their fingers jammed under the table top when it is tilted down. Moreover, the manual turning handle was chosen instead of an electric solution, to enable the children to explore the different adjustment options by themselves.

The frame is white while the table top comes in a range of three different wooden colours or white MDF. The desk therefore fits in with FLEXA’s other collections in modern Scandinavian style.


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