FLEXA introduces the ergonomic RAY chair by Labofa

Labofa Ray


The RAY chair by the Danish company Labofa encourages dynamic sitting, enabling the child to shift and move positions with the flexible seating pan. The design is based on several years of research and experiments with sitting positions in educational environments. Research has shown that traditional ‘right angle’ sitting encourages poor back alignment and may cause long term ‘lifestyle’ illnesses. The RAY chair supports an open posture seating, which provides a better balance and support to the upper body. To customize your own RAY chair the seat is available in black, orange, grey, blue and red. And as a little feature the RAY chair has a hook on the back rest of the chair.  

Normally the RAY chair is only available to public institutions but now you have the opportunity to buy the RAY chair in your local FLEXA Shop. Find your local dealer here or visit labofa for more information on the RAY chair. 


The RAY chair