Timeless design in new colors

Children's rooms are created for fun and life, and FLEXA has furniture that can withstand it all. For more than 25 years, the storage-collection at Classic Storage has proved its worth. Now get the sturdy storage furniture with new life and dusty colors that creates a serene backdrop to the antics, laughter and colorful toys.

Classic Storage is a collection consisting of solid storage furniture that can be an element in bed environments, be stacked and combined in different ways or stand independently. The furniture has for decades been used for, among other wardrobe, storage of toys and books, or bedside table in the children's rooms all over the world.

FLEXA Classic storage new colours

Kristine Schmidt

"With the collection of Classic Storage our upgrade is a success. The functional children's classic has been given a brighter and lighter look. Hence matched series on modern Scandinavian style and high quality which is the international market demand. A children's room is full of toys and bustling with activity, so the furniture in there is allowed to stand as a subtle backdrop. When the game is over and it's time to clean up and fall down, facing the room visually quiet with furniture in classic everyday design and subtle colors”

Kristine Schmidt
Head of FLEXA Innovation and Marketing 


Created for children

The idea of the collection of Classic Storage is visually to calm the children's room, while the high degree of functionality is retained. Three layers of lacquer and shelves that can hold 25 kg, is a guarantee of secure furniture that can withstand wear for decades and follow children throughout their lives.

The casing of the Classic Storage is solid wood and available in Terra, whitewash and nature colors. As a novelty, it is possible to get the front of cabinets and doors in shower pastel colors that match girls, boys and unisex. The colors are Blue Nordic, Nordic Rose, Urban Grey and white.

FLEXA Classic storage Nordic Blue  FLEXA Classic storage White  FLEXA Classic storage Urban Grey  FLEXA Classic storage Rose 
                  NORDIC BLUE                            WHITE                     URBAN GREY                              ROSE


For further info and photos: Marketing Coordinator Julie Klok 7668 8013 | juk@flexa.dk