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Since 1949 THUKA, also known as FLEXA BASIC, has been synonymous with high quality furniture for children and teenagers. FLEXA BASIC consists of 3 bed systems and a wide range of storage and accessories including mattresses to give the children’s room a personal touch. With FLEXA BASIC you are always guaranteed high quality products at affordable prices. 

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All FLEXA BASIC furniture is made from PEFC certified quality wood.         We only use water-based lacquer free from chemicals and toxic substances. All 3 bed systems are safety tested according to EU standards.                   


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Trendy is a collection of high qualiity children’s furniture with a functional 
modular bed system. One bed can adapt to your child’s development and age the entire childhood.

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Hit is our most popular FLEXA BASIC collection with the emphasis on simple 
solutions. Made for all activities in your child’s room – from sleeping to study.

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Modern provides a unique Scandinavian design for a stylish children’s room.
A bed to sleep, play and feel safe in. 

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