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One desk, All ages

Let your child set it's creative ideas free in an ergonomic environment with the new FLEXA modern study desk. Thanks to it's adjustable height and it's tiltable tabletop the Study Desk minimizes a static work position, encourages physical activity and a dynamic working environment. The Study Desk is designed to support the child's preferred work position and can be adjusted to fit all - a toddler, a tween and even a teenager.  


FLEXA Study desk different ages


It's all in the details

The FLEXA Study desk is height adjustable from 54 cm. to 79 cm. The manual handle makes it easy for children to explore the various height options - all by themselves! The table top can be tilted from 0 degrees to an angle of 45 degrees. This means that the desktop can be adjusted according to the child's comfort, making it easier to express his or hers talent whilst standing or sitting. The Study Desk is designed and tested to keep little fingers safe at all times – whether the table top is folded down or raised up.

Details FLEXA Study desk


See the new FLEXA Study desk in the four different colours and choose your favourite!
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