These are words that truly describe our new furniture collection. We call it POPSICLE by FLEXA. This is inspirational craftsmanship, made from the finest oak in combination with beautiful colours and child appeal. POPSICLE is a full children’s room and interior concept. POPSICLE is a collection of beds, storage units, desks and textiles. Furniture designed to meet the changing needs of children of all ages. Be inspired by a universe of stylish colours, premium materials and smart solutions.





At FLEXA, we work with creative designers who
convert our ideas into beautiful, functional design
for children of all ages.We handpicked a young,
visionary Danish design team called Herman Studio to design
POPSICLE. We fell in love with their holistic way of thinking
and their beautifully simple approach to drawing and drafting.

POPSICLE is awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2017. 
This is one of the most prestigious accolades in the design world.
POPSICLE is a shining example of strong Scandinavian design
traditions, with equally strong focus on function, aesthetics and high-quality materials.









“POPSICLE is inspired by the simple,
soft and rounded shapes of a real
popsicle. A popsicle is the essence of a
joyful childhood. This was our starting
point. Choosing a POPSICLE product
should be like picking your favourite
flavour of ice cream. During the design
process, we experimented with a
variety of colour combinations to get
the right design flavour. We made
POPSICLE in colours that are childfriendly
and timeless.”

Jonas and Helle Herman Pedersen
- Herman Studio









POPSICLE is available in three colours that
appeal to child and parents alike.
We call them Kiwi, Cherry and Blueberry.
We choose them with care – as if they were important
ingredients in a delicious ice cream.

A well-balanced colour scheme is an
integral part of our modern Scandinavian
design philosophy. Choose from a cool shade
of Blueberry, a muted Kiwi green or a dusky Cherry
rose. We created these colours to imbibe
tranquillity and make a unique and very personal
statement in your child’s room.












See the POPSICLE catalogue here