TOYS created by FLEXA

Play is about more than just fun. FLEXA TOYS is a new series that builds on the latest knowledge of play as one of the primary drivers of learning in the lives of children. The new collection of quality toys is designed to promote kids’ development and social skills. The Kitchen, The Workbench and The Shop is awarded with the prestigious international design award – Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018.



Award winning design

FLEXA is Scandinavian design, with the highest standards of quality and safety. As always, the ambition is to contribute to the development of independent, imaginative, and playful children with the power to cooperate, think critically, and make a positive social contribution.

Because of the beautiful design, The Kitchen, The Workbench and The Shop all received the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018.

The “Red Dot” is the revered international seal of outstanding design quality. Only products, which set themselves apart considerably, through their excellent design, receive the sought-after quality seal.


Free downloads for #tinygrownups

There should always be room to play. We have created some fun downloads for you and your tiny ones to enjoy.

Download and print your own workbook and let your tiny one explore.
  How to build a robot
Download instructions and build your own robot.
  How to build a giraffe or dog
Download instructions and build your own giraffe – or dog.
  How to build an airplane
Download instructions and build your own airplane.


FLEXA TOYS develop children’s fine motor skills, inspiring them to seek knowledge and expand the bounds of their creativity and social skills – thus providing the ideal conditions for strengthening a child’s natural curiosity.

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The Kitchen
The perfect place for children to grab an apron and chef’s hat and invent creative new meals. The Kitchen stirs the imagination as children stir in its pots and pans.
  The Shop
The young shopkeeper is always ready with an offer you can’t refuse. Playtime includes selling produce and other groceries, subtracting and adding with the small cash register and wooden coins.
  The Workbench
A paradise for the young craftsman. Put on the apron and cap, and start building! Anything is possible when you have a hammer and a screwdriver at hand. New inventions happen here.


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