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While we have the children and their safety at heart in everything we do, we also have two other fundamental values; responsibility and respect.

At FLEXA, we believe everyone has a common responsibility for the future generations. We have no doubt that our planet is under increasing pressure, why is why we continuously work on reducing the environmental impact of our products. We have to respect the resources we use.

Likewise, we believe everyone is equal and should be treated with the same respect. Our business has a global footprint either through the manufacturing process or when our products are sold (sold in more than 50 countries). We have a responsibility to ensure this is done with respect for basic human rights and without corruption.


Many of our products can be transformed as the child grows, thus catering for the child’s changing needs for many years. We also know that FLEXA beds are passed from generation to generation; the timeless design and durability of our products enable this reuse without compromising safety or style.


• Our solid woods are sourced mainly in Northern Europe, close to our production. Due to the colder climate, the timber grows slowly and provides a stronger fiber structure, which makes for strong wood and durable and beautiful end products.

• Our Wood Composite materials such as MDF is Emission Class 1 MDF boards.

• Sourced in European factories that all comply with the strictest certifications for emission (CARB II low emission certification).

• To preserve our nature, environment and climate FLEXA use only FSC™ and PEFC™ certified wood.

• FSC™ and PEFC™ Chain of Custody certification are schemes that offer assurance that our wood can be traced back to a sustainable forest and that our production processes applied to create finished furniture are implemented with due respect for environmental, economic and social standards.

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Environment & Climate

• FLEXA’s production plants in Estonia are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, which implies a specific and structured management approach to environmental issues. The plants have also implemented control systems that work towards compliance with requirements on active substances in accessible components, and independent third-party tests are being run.

• The plants also work with specialised equipment, which is optimised to ensure a high utilisation of the raw material – mainly wood. It is not possible to utilise the wood 100%, but any waste – wood shavings, sawdust etc. - is recycled and used to produce wood pellets for heating. The pellets have a long combustion and are free from additives and lacquer, which makes them an environmentally friendly and CO2-neutral alternative to less environmental friendly energy sources.

• For wooden products we use eco-friendly lacquer, which is free from solvents and toxic colourants. Chemical testing is also part of the mandatory safety tests performed by external auditor

• Our textiles and mattresses are OEKO-TEX® certified, which means you have be sure they do not contain any undesirable and harmful substances – see certification and more information about OEKO-TEX® here


FLEXA is committed to support and respect internationally declared human rights, and to not be complicit in any human rights abuse. FLEXA fully comply with local applicable laws and regulations.The overall principles of the UN Global Compact and areas such as: Child labour, Discrimination, Forced labour, Working environment, Working hours and Salary, The right to organise and collective bargaining, Right to privacy and Environment (pollution prevention and resource reduction, chemicals and hazardous materials, air emissions, waste water and solid waste, recycling and reuse of materials and products), and corruption. We expect the same from our partners; as stated in our Supplier Handbook


The health and safety of our employees is a top priority for FLEXA. We aim to provide all our employees – whether in Denmark, Estonia, China or anywhere else with a safe working environment.Our Health and Safety policy focuses on preventing injuries and illness, ensuring that we comply with all legal regulations, and that we efficiently and actively involve our employees in this area. As an important step in this direction, our factories in Estonia are certified according to ISO 14001. This implies that the operating practices are up to date and in compliance with health and safety requirements. It further enables our organisation to control and gain knowledge of all relevant risks and hazards, and consequently improves our performance. Our factories in Estonia are also audited against the SMETA 2 pillar ethical audit. SMETA ethical audit results confirm that factories comply with Labour standards as well as Health and Safety requirements. We expect the same from our partners; as stated in our Supplier Handbook. Our major suppliers are also audited by external parties to ensure they comply with.


FLEXA recognises that corruption, bribery and other unethical behaviour are barriers to sustainable development and free trade as these undermine legitimate businesses and distort competition. At FLEXA, we do not accept any of these practices and everyone is obligated to comply with our internal policies as well as applicable laws. It is our policy that all elements of our supply chain and sales must be completely transparent – and we do not accept any kind of undue payment in any of our business transactions. All employees in Denmark are, as part of the Employee Handbook, introduced to our policies around bribery, facilitation payments, gifts/entertainment, political contributions and charity contributions. We expect the same from our partners; this is stated in our Supplier Handbook and it is a part of our Supplier evaluations.
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Hornsyld Industrivej 4

8783 Hornsyld, Denmark

+45 7668 8055FLEXA@FLEXA.DK
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